You have been selected to take part in an experiment. Details as to the nature of the experiment cannot be revealed until the day of arrival. All we ask is that live subjects enrol. Not for the faint hearted.

This is a test of skill, cunning and bravery. Not everyone will complete the challenge, but those who do will be rewarded with the ultimate prize! More details will be provided in your briefing should you choose to take the challenge.

Do you have what it takes to beat the experiment?


You are in the midst of a Zombie Apocalypse. By chance you’ve found yourself locked in an underground bunker owned by a secret Government organisation, but the scientist in charge of the keys ventured outside some time ago to assess the situation and never returned.

The hordes of Zombies have begun to descend on the room, and your food and water supplies are exhausted. Suddenly your 2 way radio crackles into life. A rescue chopper has discovered your whereabouts and is on its way to rescue you, but they will only have one attempt to land before the Zombies overwhelm them.

Estimated time of arrival is in 60 minutes. Can you find a way out of the room before the chopper is forced to leave, or worse, find yourself overcome by the undead army waiting outside?


A serial killer is on the loose. Can you avoid becoming his next victim?

The police have nicknamed the killer ‘The Dollmaker’, due to the macabre way he displays his victims after their death, dressed in handmade garments reminiscent of another era, and clutching in their hand an exact replica doll of themselves.

You have read about him in the papers, even seen the items on the news, but it doesn’t really affect you right? Things like that only happen to other people, doesn’t it? You’re too busy concentrating on your night out to pay much attention anyway…

Fast forward 24 hours. You wake to find yourself and your friends in strange surroundings. The scene is reminiscent of a horror movie. Bloody handprints all over the walls, strange medical devices scattered around the room, and worst of all, The Dolls, So Many Dolls!! As fear begins to creep in you realise you are in the lair of ‘The Dollmaker’ himself. Who knows how long it will be until he returns? Have you got what it takes to escape his evil clutches before you become yet another showpiece in his sick and twisted collection?


For years there have been whispers of a top secret facility hidden somewhere in the English countryside, where dangerous and inhumane experiments have taken place on animals and humans alike.

Rumours of Cloning.

Rumours of sinister Hybrid Species.

Rumours of Mutant Subjects created by sick and twisted scientists.

But that is all they have ever been. Just rumours.


Using your contacts as an investigative journalist you have finally tracked down this secret complex, and alongside a group of likeminded activists you have managed to infiltrate the facility to find out the truth once and for all. Unfortunately for you, on the very day you have entered the building the ‘Test Subjects’ have planned their escape. They have broken out of their containment units and are stalking the facility, inflicting their bloody revenge on anybody that stands in their way.

Faced with the nightmare scenario that the Test Subjects could escape into the surrounding countryside, and also with the real possibility that details of the experiments could leak out and become common knowledge the head scientist has opted to begin ‘Operation Clearsafe’. The whole facility has been put on lockdown, and the explosive devices that have been built in to the whole complex in case of such an occurrence have been activated. In 60 minutes they will detonate, wiping all evidence of any wrongdoing off the face of the planet. To ensure that no living creature gets out alive a secret security team known only as ‘The Black Lions’ have also now entered the building with strict orders to shoot on sight.

The whole upper level has become a warzone, and the only way out of the building now is through the basement, but time is ticking away.

Can you avoid the security team who will shoot to kill without batting an eyelid?

Can you avoid the terrifying Mutant Hybrids who will attack on sight?

Can you get out of the building before the whole place erupts in a towering inferno?